Live immediately

Happy New Year 2021

As the previous year has shown, there is little point in making definitive plans; some events are simply beyond our control. In the face of uncertainty, Seneca’s motto “live immediately” sounds like the best principle to live by in 2021.

I have drawn up a list of things I would like to achieve in 2021. Some will depend to a large extent on external circumstances, whereas others will be mainly down to my own motivation and ability to self-organise when life gets busy.

I can live immediately by…

  • making more time to blog and working on the Vagabond Daily project
  • keeping a journal and tracking my personal development
  • starting building up my savings (and thus a future travel fund!)
  • getting to know my new DSLR camera
  • continuing with my online Pilates classes
  • working on my French and Spanish

Once the restrictions are lifted, I intend to:

  • become better at climbing 6A routes
  • return to equipment Pilates in the studio
  • book an outdoor climbing course
  • go on regular (coastal) hiking trips
  • visit Rome
  • travel to Poland
  • escape to the sun after Christmas and say hello to 2022 in warmer climes

I would love to:

  • venture outside of Europe this year: Southeast Asia, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Japan and Canada are on my wish list
  • learn to surf
  • be able to work a four-day week

Let’s see how many of my plans will materialise. What’s on your list?

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